Children: 2 to 12 years old
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Children: 2 to 12 years old

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Invest 5 minutes of your time and win up to 500 euros


How does it work?

It's very simple, you will be surprised

In Welcs we are a multidisciplinary team, highly qualified and strictly specialized in the field of vacation rentals. We have been working in the sector since 2014 and in these years we have demonstrated efficiency, transparency and satisfaction of both guests and owners and investors.


We offer the complete service that encompasses all the necessary steps for the vacation rental, so that the owner does not have to worry about anything and can get a return on your property with full transparency of all bookings.


Every day we are looking for new unique properties to generate more benefits to our owners. If you know the person who might be interested in our services, you only have to share with us their contact information or directly the information about the property.


Once this information is obtained, we will prepare a profitability study based on an annual turnover target. Based on this target your commission can be from 100 euros to 500 euros.


Contact us to learn more about the process.

Three simple steps to receive the commission

Fill out the contact form

Once you fill out the form our specialist will contact you for more information about the property

Send information about the property

We prepare the profitability report and the market study for the property owner

Wait for us to sign the contract

Once the contract is signed, a transfer order is automatically generated to your bank account.

It's never enough!

Below you can learn about other ways to earn money with us without leaving home. All these options are always available to you and you can receive a benefit every time you decide to collaborate with us

Frequently Asked Questions

How is my commission calculated?

The final commission is calculated on the basis of the turnover target result presented to the owner. The complete table with the detail of the commissions can be seen in the presentation for the collaborators.

How many times can I receive the commission?

There is no limit! You can receive commissions as many times as you refer an owner to us.

How do I know that the contract has been signed?

During the whole negotiation process with the owner, you will be informed at every next step, starting with the result of the commercial proposal and ending at the moment of signing the contract

How do I receive the money?

The payment is made by bank transfer and is accompanied by a commission invoice

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