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Children: 2 to 12 years old


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We offer you all our knowledge, experience, analysis and negotiation skills to get the best purchase conditions.

WELCS INVEST is much more than a property purchase

Find out what it can be for you:

WELCS INVEST was born from the need of our owners to acquire liquid properties at the best market price, for a later exploitation as a tourist rental. Today, there are two models of collaboration: Cooperative Investment and Individual Investment.


Our main objective is to find the best property for you according to your initial investment possibilities and future profitability expectations. We do not limit ourselves to our available offer, but based on the technical requirements of each client, we search, negotiate the best price and manage the whole process of buying and selling with any external agency or individual. Thanks to our extensive experience and knowledge of the market, we are able to negotiate the best offer for our clients, lowering the initial price by 10% to 20%.


Our professional ethics are based on two key pillars that we apply in our relations with all our clients. We do everything necessary to give you a sense of peace of mind and transparency, sharing all the details and offering a precise and detailed planning of the operation.


We care about your experience, as our aim is to create a lasting relationship over the years, in which we can continue to attract benefits for our owners and increasingly improve profitability ratios.

Co-operative Investment

An excellent way to participate in something big 

This model allows us to organise a co-operation between investors so that by optimising all management and operating costs, they can maximise their income by creating unique complexes and establishments.

Individual investment

An investment where profitability exceeds all expectations

This model allows you to invest in a property at the lowest price on the market with the minimum initial capital and to obtain financing with the best conditions.

A transparent process for an exceptional result 

1. First contact (2 hours)

In this meeting we focus on the client's technical requirements and budget.

2. Market research 

On the basis of the requirements, a market survey of all properties that meet these criteria is carried out and a list of 5 properties with the best performance for further exploitation is made.

3. Presentation (within 7 days after first contact)

We present the results of our market study with clear and precise data on the selected properties and report a possible annual income forecast for each one.

4. Negotiation phase (approx. 1 week)

Once the 5 selected properties have been confirmed, we contact the sellers of each property and negotiate the best price, payment plan and purchase conditions for our owners. In our experience the price is reduced by 10% to 20% compared to the initial selling price.

5. Decision making 

Once we have received responses from all vendors, we present a full analysis of the profitability of each vendor, taking into account the price change, and a decision is made.

6. Funding  

In the event that the client requires bank financing, we work with 3 leading banks in Spain (BBVA, Sabadell and LaCaixa), where we guarantee our clients the best financing conditions for the purchase of the selected property.

7. Completion of operation and commissioning 

The property is reserved and we draw up a precise timetable of the necessary steps to finalise the purchase and sale of the property and the steps related to the commencement of the tourist exploitation of the property. 

No doubt about it
Below you can find answers to most of your questions about how Welcs Invest works. 
Individual Investments
Co-operative Investment
What is the minimum I can invest in Welcs Invest?
Individual Investments

It all depends on your expectations when it comes to profitability.
We are able to meet requests starting from €25,000, with the possibility of participating in a group investment or arranging a mortgage loan with special conditions for our clients.

Do I have any commitment to apply for the market study?
Individual Investments

We work without any kind of commitment. Our priority is to satisfy the needs of our customers.

What is the cost of Welcs Invest Individual services?
Individual Investments

Welcs Invest's fees vary between 2%-3% depending on the complexity of the transaction.

What is the cost of Welcs Invest Co-operative services?
Co-operative Investment

Each project is different and the price depends as much on the actions and management that we carry out at Welcs Invest as on the state of the property and the exploitation project.

What is the procedure if I don't like any of the 5 properties presented as the result of the market research?
Individual Investments

No problem, it means that we have not understood the technical requirements of our client and we will put all our efforts and will be happy to find the exact property you are looking for this time.

Can I use the property for my personal business and family trips?

Of course, this is another advantage of Welcs Invest! You can enjoy the accommodation as much as you want, just let us know and we will take care of everything. We will arrange dates, prepare the flat for your arrival and make sure everything is in good, working order to ensure a perfect stay!

Do I have a permanent contract for the operation of the property with Welcs?
Individual Investments

No! It is very important to point out that although the purpose of our work is its subsequent tourist exploitation. At no time do we oblige the owners to sign a permanence document.

How many partners can there be in a Co-Operative Investment project?
Co-operative Investment

The number of investors cannot exceed the number of flats in the block, in order to provide a liquid exit plan for the shareholder.

What is the minimum investment to participate in the Co-Operative Investment project?
Co-operative Investment

It is difficult to set a minimum, because it depends on each project and market opportunities. As a general rule, Cooperative Investment partners start from 150,000 euros.

How can you leave the Welcs Co-operative programme?
Co-operative Investment

We have a general exit plan, in which we calculate the profitability received and capital gain obtained during the years of operation. In any case, each project is guaranteed by notarial documents and formal agreements, which set out the general rules and rules of exit of a partner.

What return can Welcs Invest offer me?

It all depends on the specific project. Generally the profitability we offer to our partners varies between 13% and 18% per year.

You don't lose anything by asking 
We will be happy to answer any questions you may have about how we operate.
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